Setup MultiLoginApp

1. Open MultiLoginApp and click 'Add Browser Profile.

2. Give location a name.. Here we are using 4g Verizon in los angeles, so we named it that. Select your browser as firefox and set Proxy Type as Socks5. Also, in proxy field add the following: and in port put port we give you for the location.

3. Turn off 'Verify proxy outgoing IP' and click save.

4. Now it's time to download DSLPylon. This software manages our connection.You can download it here:

Once downloaded, open the folder and right-click and select 'Create shortcut'.

5. Right click on the newly-created shortcut and select 'Properties'. In the target field add the following: /app=ipport /ipport-timeout=10 /UserID=YOUR_LOGIN_ID /password=YOUR_PASSWORD (make sure to leave a space between DSLProbe.exe and /app=ipport)

6. Run DSLProbe. You should see an icon down there by your clock.

7. Go back to MultiLoginApp and Click on the firefox logo to start the browser.

8. That's it! I like to goto and check there. If your Anonymity isn't 100% or N/A then contact us to help. It is likely your config settings for firefox aren't set correctly and we will help you with that.

If you have any trouble contact us and we'll help you!